Share your wonderful memories of Camp Wonder!

Camp Wonder ( is a free summer camp for children with any skin disease, ages 6 – 16. Every summer, children from around the country with chronic skin disease take a break from being a patient for a week and focus on just being a kid. Camp Wonder is a special place free of judgment and stares! We create an environment of acceptance and support to empower the children to be themselves.

It’s the 21st year of Camp Wonder

Help us join collective memories in a series of short stories highlighting the impact of Camp Wonder, in a moment you witnessed or a personal experience at camp over the last 21 years.

Tell us about your experience so that we may continue to add the most memorable experiences from camp together.

For 21 years, Camp Wonder has …

Created a community of children and young adults impacted by skin disease, provided experiences to empower this deserving community to live beyond their illness and give children a #childhoodwithoutlimits.

Share how Camp Wonder has impacted you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can write a story?
Anyone who has attended Camp Wonder or had a loved one attend. That includes campers, parents, counselors, volunteers, siblings, grandparents, medical staff.
What should I write about?
Any story, memory, moment or impact from the years of Camp Wonder! We can’t wait to read about your experiences at Camp Wonder!
How long should my story be?

Please keep all stories to approximately 500 words (approximately one page, single-spaced of a normal word document).

How many stories can I write?
As many as you want! After 23 years, there are surely lots of WONDERful memories to share!
Will my stories be made public?
The complete group of stories will be made available to all Camp Wonder supporters, contributors, partners, campers and families. CSDF reserves to right to edit any of stories for privacy or content. CSDF reserves the right to not include any story. CSDF will review all stories before they are made public.

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